Netherlands introduces new restrictions, protest leads to clashes

In the Netherlands, the government has announced the introduction of new restrictions for three weeks. The restrictions will be short of a lockdown with shorter working hours for non-essential shops and cinemas allowed to work, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
The Dutch Prime Minister stated earlier this week that fortunately the vast majority of people in the Netherlands had been vaccinated. The EU country’s vaccination rate is 73% of the total population.
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However, record daily Covid-19 infections in the Netherlands have exceeded 16 300 this week. Protesters took to the streets of The Hague after the lockdown was announced
The three-week partial lockdown starts on Saturday, November 13, evening. Cinemas and theatres will stay open. Social distancing of 1.5m is being reintroduced where Covid passes are not in operation. However, a maximum of four guests aged over 13 will be allowed at people’s homes and as many people should work from home as possible. Non-essential shops will have to shut at 18:00 and supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and hotels at 20:00, BBC reports.