Nearly two-thirds of Lithuanians in favour of full EU visa ban for Russian citizens

Nearly two-thirds of adult Lithuanian residents are in favour of a proposal previously voiced by several EU member states to completely ban Russian Federation citizens from receiving Schengen Zone visas, according to results of a survey by Lithuania public media LRT.
In a survey by Baltijos Tyrimai, 62% of respondents supported a full ban for Russian citizens to enter the EU.
30% of respondents said they would not support such a proposal. 8% of respondents had no opinion to offer.
According to results of the survey, women (64%), residents younger than 50 years (66%), residents of small cities (70%), low income groups of residents (66%) and more right leaning residents (74%) more often spoke in favour of banning Russian citizens from travelling to the EU.
Men were more sceptical about this idea – 34% disagreed, men older than 50 years (33%), and respondents who consider their views centrist (35%).
As noted by LRT, the survey was conducted in September (16th-27th) and was attended by 1 024 of respondents aged 18 years and older.
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