Nearly 13 000 households apply for energy crisis aid in three days in Latvia

In the first three days of October nearly 13 000 households applied for energy resource price increase compensation, as confirmed by ZZ Dats LLC and developer Edžus Žeiris.
Between 1st and 4th of October 2022 received 12 818 applications from households for different aid. 9 057 of them were submitted by residents using the portal, 3 761 were submitted at institutions of municipal administrations that are responsible for registering residents’ applications.
According to information ZZ Dats, 0.5% of all registered applications detail requests for compensation for firewood procured for heating and 5.5% are for compensation of briquettes and granules. Residents also submit receipts together with applications.
94% of all applications request a single-time EUR 60 benefit to afford heating using firewood.
Requests for supports and benefits can be submitted to by residents who use granules, briquettes, firewood or electricity, and as long as their monthly consumption exceeds 500 kWk. To use this opportunity, owners of dwellings or tenants have to sign up at the portal using e-signature smart card, eID card or by using internet banking services.