Near Polish-Belarusian border, seventh migrant found dead in migration crisis

In Poland, near its border with Belarus, there has been found the body of a Syrian migrant bringing the death toll of the migrant crisis since summer to seven. Meanwhile, Poland has been criticised for violating international law in the way people are not allowed to cross into the country, British news portal The Guardian reports.
The man’s body was spotted in a field by a helicopter crew, police said, bringing to seven the number of people reported by Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian authorities to have died trying to cross the border since the summer. Identity documents found on the body indicate that the man was a 24-year-old Syrian, a local police spokesperson said, adding that a date stamp on a visa suggested he first arrived in Belarus in mid-September.
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Polish and international aid groups have vehemently accused the conservative government of illegally turning back migrants, sometimes on several occasions, and failing in their fundamental humanitarian duty of providing essential medical support or adequate food and shelter.
Polish authorities argue that more than 15,000 attempts to cross the border have been made since early August, mostly by Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian citizens. Recently, the attempts are becoming more frequent, rising above 500 per day in the past weeks, The Guardian reports.