National Alliance and New Unity find common ground on multiple issues

During talks organised between thematic groups on Friday, 21 October, Latvian political parties New Unity and National Alliance found common ground on many topics. The meeting regarding the topic of support for small and medium-sized companies passed in positive light, said New Unity politician Arvils Ašeradens.
The two parties discussed the role of Latvian language in society. The transition to education in Latvian language only in the country is already passed, and there is the topic of political immigration, said the politician.

During the meeting parties also agreed on topics like banning Russian and Belarusian citizens who are not loyal to Latvia from the country.

Additionally, despite disagreements, the recent meeting also included topics like support for small and medium-sized companies, as well as reducing grey economy, said the New Unity politician.
The two parties also found common ground on topics like agriculture. At the same time, parties seem to have different opinions in regards to National Alliance’s proposal to set reduced VAT rate for certain necessities. Ašeradens explained that New Unity is in favour of a different approach – to provide focused support for residents with low income.

As for reduced VAT, the ones to benefit from that the most would be the wealthiest residents, said the New Unity politician.

He also mentioned that his party would like to see evidence of effectiveness of the previous VAT reduction for vegetables and that vegetables in Latvia now cost less when compared to other Baltic States.
Ašeradens also said that until New Unity leader Krišjānis Kariņš meets with President Egils Levits, all talks with National Alliance and Combined List are put on hold.