More than ten criminal procedures commenced in Latvia over fictive vaccination

Latvian State Police have more than ten criminal procedures in the works regarding possible fictive Covid-19 vaccination, journalists were told on Thursday, 14 October, by the chief of State Police Economic Crimes Enforcement Unit (ENAP) Pēteris Bauska.
These criminal procedures are investigated by bot ENAP and regional police departments. Police have also commenced multiple inspections.
Bauska explained police have a lot of work to determine the potentially fictive vaccination «clients». Nevertheless, law enforcers have an algorithm to help check if people’s bodies have antibodies that normally appear after vaccination.
«We will likely visit those people ourselves. It’s better for us to come to them than letting those people get severely ill with a risk of lethal outcome.»
«If the police come, the person will be in trouble and their Covid-19 certificate will be annulled. But at the same time this person will be able to turn to healthcare workers and get a real vaccine,» said Bauska.
He said the fictive vaccination problem is severe. This is why people who have received fictive vaccination certificates are urged to come and confess to the police. Depending on the situation the person may be relieved of criminal liability.
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Although the government recently declared compulsory vaccination in the public sector, Bauska says police we performing investigations before the government’s decision.
As previously reported, a group of four people were detained by State Police for possible fictive Covid-19 vaccination.
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