Minister: no discounts for non-vaccinated people in Latvia after the lockdown

There will be life in Latvia after the end of the lockdown. As previously decided, residents who are vaccinated for or have recovered from Covid-19 infection will have access to services in the «green regime», said Minister of Latvia Daniels Pavļuts in an interview to TV24.
People who fail to secure vaccination certificates by then will still face restrictions. Some non-vaccinated residents may be suspended.
«We said Latvia would exit lockdown on 15 November even if data does not paint a pretty picture. At the very least, however, we will have prevented the situation from deteriorating further. The point of the lockdown was preventing a bigger infection wave and the overloading of our hospitals,» said the minister.
He continues: «We will exit the lockdown the same way we entered it – we had a green regime for vaccinated and recovered residents. This is where we’re headed. As for what will change – Latvia may use antigen express tests more often. Non-vaccinated people have to understand – there will be no exclusions.»
The requirement for public sector workers to have valid vaccination certificates after 15 November will remain in force. These are state and municipal workers, doctors, teachers and others. «For other people engaged in face-to-face customer services there is another date – 15 December. Please don’t be late,» urges the minister.
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When asked if the requirement for compulsory vaccination risks causing consequences such as the closure of small stores in the countryside, the minister said no. «There may be some consequences. I believe they will be less notable than they seem at the moment. I simply know the numbers – the people who will not have been vaccinated by mid-November. We’ll pull through!»
Those who fail to commence vaccination by then will have to keep in mind that they will receive no breaks or exceptions.
According to he minister, the possible consequences with the people who oppose vaccination is better than the difficulties Latvia currently experiences – 50 deaths a day, closed economy, lockdown, etc.
«I don’t think we have choice any more. The unpleasant consequences are far below the horrors we have to prevent,» says the minister of health.