Minister: migrants no longer stay long near the Latvian border

Since autumn 2021 migrants no longer stay for a long time on the Latvian-Belarusian border, as reported by Latvian Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva at the EU information providers’ forum Europe’s Future on 13 December.
The minister says people no longer stay on the border. «Our border guards have no information about any camps at which people stay for a long time along our country’s border. The fact that people come out of the woods means they still remain somewhere in Belarus. However, there are no locations along our border where these people stay and wait for a moment to cross the border,» said the minister.
The minister adds some of the migrants that were allowed entry to Latvia have been sent back to their country of origin.
As previously reported, a total of 2 919 people have been detained for illegally crossing Latvia’s state border since the declaration of the state of emergency in Latvia’s border territories.
Since the start of the state of emergency 92 people were let to Latvia for humanitarian reasons and 444 have been detained for illegally crossing the country’s border.
In response to the increasing pressure from illegal immigration, Latvia’s government declared a state of emergency in Ludza, Krāslava, Augšdaugava and Daugavpils. It was previously planned to remain in force until 10 November but was later extended until 10 February.