Minister: if Lithuania or Poland initiate Article 4 of NATO Treaty, Latvia will support it

If Lithuania or Poland decide to initiate Article 4 of NATO Treaty, Latvia will support it, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkēvičs.
He explained that if the situation on EU’s external border escalates, the need for consultations regarding Article 4 of the NATO treaty will increase.
«The situation has yet to change enough to warrant discussion of this topic. We are prepared. We closely coordinate with our Polish and Lithuanian colleagues. Our countries have a unified understanding on the action we need to take,» said the minister.
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In accordance with Article 4 of the Washington Treaty, every NATO member states can request consultations with other member states if they believe their territorial integrity, political independence or security is in danger.
BNN previously reported that under the hybrid attack supposedly orchestrated by the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko there have been almost non-stop attempts by thousands of individuals to illegally cross the border in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Most of those people arrived in Belarus as tourists from Iraq.
EU accuses Minsk or attempts to take revenge for supporting Belarusian opposition and the sanctions imposed on Belarus in response to the violent stifling of protests last year.