Minimal wages in Latvia may have to reach at least EUR 600 following EU agreement

On Monday, 6 December, EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council passed a historic agreement on the European Commission’s proposed directive on adequate pay in the EU, as reported by Latvian Ministry of Welfare.
Considering the directive’s proposed mechanism for calculation of minimal wage, it may have to increase from the current EUR 500 to EUR 600 to EUR 650 in Latvia in the near future.
The directive proposes multiple criteria for regular reviews of wages, as well as a duty for member states to promote a discussion between social partners about wages.
Considering the different approaches member states employ to calculate wages, discussions were very difficult. The fact a compromise was reached at all is an accomplishment, the ministry notes.
Minister of Welfare Gatis Eglītis is satisfied with this agreement: «I am happy that a historic decision was made today. This decision proves the commitment of EU member states towards resolving the problem of poverty among working people and minimal wage recipients. At the same time, this is food for thought for our discussions with social partners about minimal wages in Latvia.»
Before the directive is approved it is necessary to reach an agreement with the European Parliament.