Meteorologists promise a cold and rainy week in Latvia

Last week was mostly rainy and cool. There were also thunderstorms in Latvia with heavy rain and strong wind. In the coming days weather will remain similar. However, the Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre promises it will start getting warmer at the end of the week.
On Monday, the 24th of July, weather in Latvia will be dictated by the eastern side of an active cyclone. This is why weather will be mostly overcast. Rain is expected in many parts of the country. Daytime air temperature will range between +16° C and +20° C.
On Tuesday there will be moments when the sun will shine between the clouds. However, it will still rain from time to time. There is also a possibility of thunderstorms. Fog will appear at night and in the morning in some regions. The wind will blow from the east and will be slow to moderate. During the day the wind will gradually start blowing from the south-west and west. Wind speed will go up to 14 m/sec. At night air temperature will drop to +12° C… +17° C, whereas daytime air temperature will reach +19° C… +24° C.

Anticyclone activity will increase in the middle of the week,

which means rain will come only to some areas. Air temperature will remain similar to before: +12° C… +17° C at night and +20° C… +23° C during the day.
According to current forecasts, on Friday, the 28th of July, warmer masses of air will start flowing to Latvia. Because of that, maximum air temperature will reach +23° C… +26° C.