Meteorologists present snow forecast for this week in Latvia

At the beginning of the week Latvia will be under the influence of an anticyclone. Weather is expected to be clear. However, from Tuesday, 23 November, onward weather will change. Cyclone activity will increase and a precipitation zone will pass through the country, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Monday, 22 November, weather will be sunny with some clouds. No precipitation is expected in most of Latvia. Some snowfall is possible in certain areas, however. The wind will blow from the north-west and west. Wind speed may reach 15 m/sec along the coast at night.
On Tuesday there will be more clouds. A precipitation zone will reach Latvia from the north. Snow is expected in parts of Latvia (rain in coastal regions). There will be less precipitation during the day. Nevertheless, roads may remain slippery in eastern parts of Latvia.
In some areas the layer of snow may reach 1-4 cm.
Wind speed will be slow in most of the country. Only in coastal areas will it reach 15-17 m/sec.
In the second half of the week weather will become warmer and the snow will melt. Wednesday will pass without major precipitation. On Thursday and Friday many parts of Latvia will experience rainfall. Some snow is expected in evening hours, as reported by meteorologists.
At night air temperature will be at -2° C… +3° C, whereas daytime air temperature will reach +3° C… +8° C. The wind will blow from the south and south-west. The wind may become strong along the coast.
At the end of the week weather will become colder and more precipitation is expected. Air temperature will be around 0° C at night and +1° C… +5° C during the day.