Meteorologists predict the weather in Latvia for the next week

With cyclone activity in Latvia reducing, the strong wind and precipitation will calm down. Instead a high atmospheric pressure area will dictate weather in Latvia. Colder masses of air will flow to Latvia from the north, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Although at the start of next week the cold is expected to be the harshest in the west of Russia. Air temperature will drop below 0° C in Latvia as well. At times air temperature will drop as far as -5° C.
For the weekend weather will be grey and cloudy. Mist may form at night and morning hours in many parts of Latvia. At times mist may remain during the day as well. Precipitation is expected in parts of Kurzeme on the night to Sunday. The wind will be slow.
Air temperature will drop to -1° C… +4° C whereas daytime air temperature will reach +3° C… +6° C. At the start of next week colder masses of air will flow to Latvia from the north. The wind will be slow and the sky will remain mostly cloudy.
No precipitation is expected. Air temperature at night will drop to 0° C… -5° C. One exception will be the coastal regions, where air temperature will remain -1° C… +3° C.
Daytime air temperature will reach -1° C… +5° C.
Current forecasts suggest next week air temperature both at day and night will stabilise at +2° C… +8° C. Wind speed will be slow to moderate. A new precipitation zone will reach Latvia.