Meteorologists predict snow and rain in Latvia. Roads will be slippery!

On Thursday, the 11th of January, in most of Latvia there will be precipitation. However, their intensity will not be high. Both snow and rain are expected. This means roads will become slippery, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
North-western and western wind will become stronger. Wind speed will reach 15-19 m/sec during the day. Although both at night and during the day air temperature will stay at 0° C… +3° C, it will drop to -3° C… -8° C in the evening, meteorologists say.
At the end of the week the sky will clear up. Moments of precipitation are expected as well – mostly snow in many parts of Latvia. In western parts of the country, where air temperature will reach above 0° C, it will also rain.
Meteorologists say that snowing in Vidzeme and Latgale will cause the layer of snow to go up by 5-6 cm. On the weekend the wind will gradually start blowing from the east. It will remain strong, reaching 20-24 m/sec along the coast. Air temperature will remain negative in most of the country.
In the first half of next week the wind will calm down for a moment. Intensive snowing is expected as well. Air temperature in all of Latvia will stay below 0° C.
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