Meteorologists predict lots of snow for Latvia in the coming days

In the coming days weather in Latvia will be affected by cyclone activity and cold masses of air. Plenty of precipitation is expected – rain, wet snow and snow when air temperature goes down, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Friday, 26 November, the sky will be cloudy. Precipitation is expected in many places.
Drivers are urged to be careful as some roads will become slippery!
Wind speed will be slow to moderate in most of Latvia and strong along the coast (up to 19 m/sec). Air temperature will be lower in eastern parts of the country and the highest in coastal areas. Minimal air temperature at night will be 0° C… -5° C. Daytime air temperature will be +2° C… +7° C.
The end of the week will be rich with precipitation as well. Most of the country will experience wet snow and snow. The layer of snow in some areas will reach 2-4 cm (6 cm in eastern parts of Latvia).
The wind will blow from the south and south-west. It is expected to reach a speed of 15-19 m/sec in the evening in northern parts of Latvia.
Air temperature at night will be at +2° C… -3° C. Daytime air temperature will not be higher than 0° C… +4° C.
Next week will start off with wet snow in most of the country. Snowing will continue over the course of the week and the layer of snow will increase. According to current forecasts, the layer of snow in Vidzeme may reach 25 cm. At the beginning of the week it will start getting colder and air temperature will not exceed -2° C… +1° C. At night air temperature will drop as far as -10° C.