Meteorologists predict colder weather in Latvia next week

Friday, the 12th of April, will start off with cloudy weather, but in the second half of the day the sun will shine between the clouds, as reported by the Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Rain is expected in some eastern parts of Latvia in the first half of the day. By the evening, however, the precipitation zone will have reached western parts of Latvia – rain is expected in Kurzeme. Visibility on the roads will suffer because of fog in morning hours.
Meteorologists say that the wind will be slow and will blow from the south-west and west. The wind will be strong in the east and along the coast. Air temperature will reach +12 C… +16 C (+7 C… +11 C along the coast).

Weather on the weekend will be similar – at night, air temperature may drop to +4 C… +9 C.

Daytime air temperature will be at +10 C… +15 C. It may be slightly colder along the coast. On the night to Saturday the precipitation zone will continue passing through the country’s territory, bringing rain across Latvia.
The wind will be slow, which means fog in some areas at night and morning hours. On Sunday will be windy and rich in precipitation. A new precipitation zone will reach the country from the south-west, bringing rain to most of the country. While at night wind speed will not be too strong, during the day wind speed across the whole country will reach 15-19 m/sec (20-21 m/sec in western and central regions), meteorologists say.
Current forecasts suggest air temperature will continue going down next week. On some nights air temperature will drop slightly below 0 C. Daytime air temperature will not go higher than +10 C. There is also a possibility of snow and wet snow in the second half of next week.
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