Meteorological winter to start in Latvia this week

Winter weather will continue in Latvia this week – frequent snowing and air temperature dropping below 0° C are expected. At the beginning of the week air temperature may drop below -11° C… -15° C on some nights, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Monday, 29 November, an active cyclone will approach Latvia, bringing lasting and intense snowfall to central and eastern regions. In some areas the layer of snow will increase by 5-8 cm (10 cm in some areas of Latgale).
The wind will be slow and will blow from the north-east and north. Wind speed along the coast will reach 15-17 m/sec. Maximum air temperature is expected at -2° C… +3° C.
Drivers and pedestrians are urged to be especially careful – walkways and roads will be slippery. During snowfall visibility may drop to 200-500 m.
On Tuesday it will continue snowing in central and eastern regions. Nighttime snowing will be heavy in some areas of Latvia – in eastern regions the layer of snow will increase by 5-9 cm more. Once the cyclone will start moving away from Latvia, the sky will become clear and precipitation will calm down.
The wind will blow from the north and north-west, reaching a speed of 6 – 11 m/sec (20 m/sec along the coast). Blizzards are also expected. Air temperature will be at 0° C… -5° C (0° C… +2° C along the coast).
On Wednesday, 1 December, weather will be dry, wind speed will be slow to moderate
and air temperature will drop to -5° C… -10° C (0° C… -4° C along the coast).
During the day a new cyclone will approach Latvia from the west – the amount of cloud will increase and a new precipitation zone will reach Latvia from the south-west, bringing heavy snowfall to most of the country. Daytime air temperature will be a couple of degrees warmer than night-time air temperature.
On the night to Thursday cyclone activity will increase. It will continue snowing in many areas in Latvia. The layer of snow will increase by 5-8 cm. Air temperature at night will be at +1° C… -7° C, whereas daytime air temperature will stay at +2° C… -6° C.
Precipitation will calm down close to the weekend. The cold will remain, however, and winter will go on normally.
According to current forecasts, Latvia will be under 10 cm of snow in the west and up to 30 cm of snow in eastern territories.