Media: Riga «builders’ case» to see entrepreneur in defendant’s dock

In the so-called Riga «builders’ case», where suspicions about fake transactions aimed at reducing tax payments, there has been a new turn. Programme De facto of the LTV Latvia national television reports that proceedings separated from the «builders’ case» have reached the court.
In the separated proceedings, scandalous Latvian businessman Māris Martinsons as the former board member of SIA Moduls-Rīga will be in defendant’s dock as prosecutors suspect unpaid taxes to the amount of 102 000 euros and fraud.
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Martinsons, however, has denied having known about the suspected criminal schemes in construction companies. He has explained that subcontractors have been involved in the respective construction works and does not see an unlawful scheme in the investigated episodes.
Prosecutor Zane Pavāre from the Specialised Prosecution Office of Organised Crime commented on the merits of the case. «In this period in time, when these transactions were declared, Māris Martinsons was the person, who had the rights to sign documents and who also signed these financial statements. Consequently, in this instance, his responsibility is evaluated as the responsibility for this tax evasion,» the prosecutor commented according to De facto programme.