Man who fled from Latvian police car remains at large

Latvian State Police are still searching for one 1981-born Mārtiņš Cesmanis, who fled from a police car this week.
According to State Police, Cesmanis escaped from a police car at 16:55 (local time) on Thursday, the 27th of July. The incident took place in Sarkandaugava, Meža prospekts 90. Police say Cesmanis was last seen headed in the direction of a local cemetery.

The man’s description: height around 175 cm, dressed in dark sport pants and dark jumper. When he fled the police, the man had no shoes.

Police have organised a manhunt. Authorities have announced the plan “Trap” in Riga.
State Police have published the latest photo with Cesmanis – the image shows the man moving around the centre of Riga. The man was wearing a dark jacket and dark-colored shoes with a white sole, as well as a dark-blue hat.

The photo also shows the man hiding his hands. Police say the escapee had handcuffs on when he ran away. They should still be locked in place.

According to information available to State Police, the man could be in Sarkandaugava, Riga’s centre or Pļavnieki.
Representative of Latvian State Police Deniss Judajevs told LTV programme Rīta panorāma that an inspection has been launched to determine how Cesmanis managed to escape the police car.
Judajevs also confirmed the search for the escapee continues in Riga.
When asked about the reasons why Cesmanis was detained, Judajevs said

the man was tried for theft, robbery and illegal distribution of narcotics. Judajevs says the man should not be aggressive.

State Police urge residents with information about the man’s whereabouts to report it to the police using the phone number 110.