Man in Lithuania had kilo of nails and screws in stomach, surgery finds

Lithuanian doctors have carried out surgery to discover over a kilogram of nails and screws in a man’s stomach. Following a successful operation, psychological assistance is also provided to the patient, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT and Radvilė Rumšienė report.
LRT wrote on Sunday, October 3, that the man had been swallowing the objects for a month after quitting alcohol and was brought to the Klaipėda University Hospital (KUL) with severe abdominal pain. The longest pieces removed in the operation that lasted three hours were ten centimetres long.
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«The case itself is unique, but finding objects [inside the body] is not a rare pathology,» noted KUL surgeon Šarūnas Dailidėnas.
The doctors commented they receive several dozen cases per year, where they have to remove objects from various parts of the body. After the operation, the man is recovering and being provided with psychological help, the doctors said.
The article originally appeared on LRT English: