LTV: ex-chairman of Latvia’s Central Election Commission dies to Covid-19

The former chairman of Latvia’s Central Election Commission (CVK) Arnis Cimdars, 59, passed away in the afternoon Wednesday, 21 October, as reported by LTV.
According to information from LTV, he died after Covid-19 infection. This summer Cimdars became among the founders of notorious politician Ainārs Šlesers’ political party Latvia in First Place. Like this political party, he was against compulsory vaccination.
According to LETA archive, Cimdars was born in Jelgava 8 June, 1962.
From 1985 to 1990 Cimdars served as the chief energy expert of the administrative office of the Academy of Agriculture. Later he served as the vice-rector of the academy for personnel and accommodation affairs.
In 1990-1993 Cimdars served as head of of Jelgava City Council’s Apartment and Real Estate Office, a member of the Privatization Commission and the De-nationalization Committee.
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In the ‘90s Cimdars was a consultant to the Saeima’s Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee and deputy chief of Riga City Council’s Public Utilities Department’s Apartments Office.
In 1997 he became a member of Latvia’s Central Election Commission. He was elected chairman of CVK the same year. He remained in this post until 2019, when he left it after Saeima’s vote.
In 1995 Cimdars joined the party Saeimnieks. He left it in 1998.
This year Cimdars joined Šlesers’ political party Latvia in First Place and became its secretary general.