Lowest Covid-19 vaccination coverage in Latvia observed in agriculture, forestry and construction sectors

In Latvia Covid-19 vaccination coverage is the lowest in agriculture, forestry and construction sectors. Only 34% to 49% of people employed there are vaccinated, according to information published by the Ministry of Economy.
Vaccination coverage is the largest in healthcare and social care sectors, where 87% of the people employed there are vaccinated.
Looking at sectors vaccination percentage-wise, healthcare and social care sector workers are followed by education sector, where 83% of people employed are vaccinated. 81% of people employed in public administration, 78% of people employed in the ICT services sector, 77% of people in the finances and insurance sector, and 77% of people in the art, entertainment and leisure sector are vaccinated.
Vaccination indexes are the lowest among material values and logistics employees (70%), industrial and other workers (66%), as well as heavy cargo truck and bus drivers (50%).
1 095 128 residents in Latvia have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far. 973 762 people have completed their vaccination course, which is equal to 51.7% of Latvia’s population, according to provisional population numbers for July 2021 from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.
Looking at different age groups of residents, it becomes clear that the vaccination course has been completed by 60.6% of Latvia’s residents aged 18 years or older.
Estimates also included data on Latvia’s population numbers at the start of 2021.
The same data shows that 58.9% of Latvia’s residents aged 12 years or older have completed the vaccination course. In the rest of Europe, however, Covid-19 vaccination is not performed for residents younger than 12 years.
5 062 Latvian residents (0.26%) have received a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine. In accordance with recommendations from medical specialists, the third dose or booster shot is administered for people with weakened immune system and elderly people.
There are four Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in the European Union: Comirnaty, Vaxzevria (prev. AstraZeneca), Spikevax (prev. Moderna) and Janssen. Due to low demand, however, Vaxzevria is no longer actively used in Latvia.