LIZDA: please stop overloading the education sector with constant covid-related changes

The government should stop overloading Latvia’s education sector with a stream of constant covid-related changes, said the head of Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees (LIZDA) Inga Vanaga in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma.
She stressed that Covid-19 vaccination in the education sector is high, which is why the industry should be allowed to «breathe more freely». «Please stop overloading education institutions with weekly changes,» said the chairman of the trade union.
She reminded that LIZDA has sent an open letter to Latvia’s top officials, inviting them to take immediate action to prevent a state of emergency in the education sector.
When asked if teachers can expect bonus pay for work under Covid-19 conditions, Vanaga said this support would be welcome, but teachers have yet to receive any. According to her, bonus pay is expected but the previously suggested amounts are not satisfactory to members of the trade union. «For example, we have to fight for bonus pay for kindergarten teachers. The bonus for them is promised at only 20%, and it will be only a couple of dozen euros for the work teachers do during the state of emergency,» said Vanaga.
She said bonus pay will not resolve the issue of burnout and all other problems teachers have had to deal with during Covid-19 crisis.
«This is why it is necessary to think of ways to make life easier and make it through the pandemic and tight restrictions,» said the head of LIZDA.