Lithuania’s travel red list expands with three EU members

In Lithuania’s red list with EU and European Economic Area countries with maximum travel restrictions to people without a Covid-19 certificate, there have been added Denmark, Cyprus and the Czech Republic, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.
From Monday, October 10, Lithuania itself a country battling a surge in new Covid-19 infections has a travel red list with the vast majority of EU/EEA member states on it.
They are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, French Martinique and Guiana, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany.
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The general rules for arrivals from abroad remain unchanged: those coming from countries on the red list must self-isolate for ten days and get tested for Covid-19 unless they have recovered from the coronavirus in the past 180 days or have been vaccinated. In addition to the aforementioned, travel from countries outside the two blocs also means self-isolation to people without Covid-19 immunity.
Meanwhile, all travellers must also fill in a questionnaire before coming to Lithuania.
The article originally appeared on LRT English: