Lithuanian Health Minister rejects Christmas lockdown recommendation

Lithuanian Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys has stated that movement restrictions for people unvaccinated against Covid-19 are not on the agenda of the government. Despite steadily high new daily infections and calls from the Vilnius Mayor to protect the elderly during Christmas, the Lithuanian government has avoided introducing another nationwide quarantine or curfew, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT and Modesta Gaučaitė-Znutienė report.
In October, Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius listed his pandemic management recommendations to the government. Among them was a proposal to limit domestic travel of unvaccinated people during the holiday season.
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Health Minister Dulkys stated this week that the government was not considering this proposal. «Movement restrictions were effective when we did not have vaccines. [Such restrictions] are very expensive and complicated. So far, we are not considering this measure,» Dulkys said.
Dulkys added that Lithuania might soon need to rethink conditions for issuing the national Covid immunity certificates. «Soon, we will have to consider whether to issue national Covid certificates [only] to people who have received three vaccine doses instead of two,» the minister noted.
The article originally appeared on LRT English: