Lithuanian armed forces analysts: disinformation has expanded, especially about the migration crisis

In November Lithuania because a target of massive disinformation, especially about the migration crisis artificially orchestrated by Belarus. There has also been a sharp surge or negative communication from China, as concluded by analysts of Lithuanian Armed Forces Strategic Communication department.
In the last month there have been 487 separate cases involving the spread of negative information, which is considerably more when compared to September and October (405 and 430 respectively).
The topic of illegal migration was mentioned in 200 cases. This is especially true for cases observed from 8 November onward, when massive attempts of migrations to illegally cross the Lithuanian-Belarusian and Polish-Belarusian border first commenced. These attempts forced the Lithuanian government to declare a state of emergency on its border with Belarus.
Sources reporting negative information about Lithuania accuse EU and NATO member states of provoking the migration crisis through their policies towards the Middle East and North Africa. It is untrue that Poland treats illegal migrants with fascistic methods and generally plays the role of «a professional provocateur and instigator».
Those sources also often try to draw parallels between the illegal migrant crisis and a military conflict. Particularly, there have been claims about Lithuania allegedly using this crisis as a reason for a far more radical confrontation in Eastern Europe with possible involvement of NATO in the conflict.
From 22 November onward the claims about allegedly inhumane treatment of illegal migrants also picked up. Certain sources claim the migrants stuck between Belarus and Poland have become hostages of the situation perpetuated by the west and that western countries have forgotten the very human rights they so actively promote.
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There is also content produced that intentionally paints Belarus as a country that takes steps to assist migrants. At the same time it is claimed that border guards of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland use terror against migrants. Allegedly, after crossing the border migrants are beaten, their money and documents are taken away and they are then pushed back to Belarus. Belarusian services also report cases when corpses of migrants have been found along the border and that they were brought in from Lithuania’s side.
In November there was also a sharp surge of negativity coming from China, which is largely related to the visit of a Taiwanese business delegation to Lithuania in October, as well as the opening of a representation office of Taiwan in Lithuania soon after and the subsequent visit of a delegation of the Lithuanian Seimas to Taiwan.
Statements released by the regime in China often contains claims in which Lithuania is accused of breaching the «One-China principle», is described as an untrustworthy partner that undermines China’s sovereignty and international recognition, as well as claims that Lithuania is dependent on USA in its foreign policy.
China and Belarus have use hybrid attacks on Lithuania. Particularly China and Belarus claim Lithuania is a country that violates human rights and international law and uses violence against women and children.
In November traditionally confrontational sources also reported a claim about NATO being one of the components of the migration crisis, falsely claiming that the «Western conjured migration crisis» has caused a difficult military political situation that forced Belarus to change its army’s readiness plans for 2021 and 2022, adding that the country is forced to react to increased military activities along its border.