Lidl no longer lets parents with infant cut the queue

Initially Lidl stores in Latvia let parents with infants enter without having to wait in a queue. However, this practice is now discontinued.
It is getting rather cold outside, and it is unlikely parents will be willing to stand outside with their children and wait to enter the store.
BNN contacted Lidl to find out why this family-friendly policy was changed.
Lidl Communications Department manager Ingars Rudzītis told BNN the store services all customers equally. This means families with children, infants included, will have to stand in queues.
«This is why we urge parents to keep in mind the time they will have to spend waiting in a queue when planning their visit to Lidl stores.»
Rudzītis also notes that the store has a duty to observe the state of emergency declared because of the rapid spread of Covid-19, as well as the requirement to limit the number of customers allowed in stores at all times. This is one of the reasons for the long queues outside of Lidl Latvia stores.