Lidl in Latvia to remain open to all people regardless of their vaccination status

As outlined in the new epidemiological rules presented by the Latvian government this week, 70% of the goods sold in Lidl stores are food products, hygiene goods and animal feed.
Representatives of the store note that Lidl follows all the latest government-imposed epidemiological restrictions that govern the order under which people are allowed to shop.
Lidl carefully monitors the number of people permitted to be in the store simultaneously. Security personnel disinfect shopping carts and provide them to shoppers personally. Additionally, the number of shopping carts is calculated in a way to ensure it is possible for the store to comply with the requirement of providing each shopper 25 m2 area.
Lidl employees are provided with free antigen tests. All store employees service shoppers while wearing protective masks and complying with established epidemiological safety rules.
All shoppers entering Lidl stores are urged to follow epidemiological rules – wear protective masks, maintain 2 m distance from other people and disinfect hands upon entering the store.