Latvia’s Ušakovs wants to return to European Parliament. Harmony party’s candidates announced

The leaders in Harmony party’s candidate lists for European Parliament elections will include MEP and the party’s co-chairman Nils Ušakovs, public activist Olga Petkeviča and co-chairperson of the party Regīna Ločmele, as LETA was informed by the party.
The board of Harmony confirmed its list of candidates for EP elections and the party’s election programme on the 9th of January.
The presentation of the list and election programme will take place on the 27th of January. It will take place in Zilupe, “the farthest point away from the European Union’s capital city”.
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Petkeviča is well-known in Latvia in relation to her proposals to cancel amendments to the Immigration Law that require permanent residents in Latvia with Russian and Belarusian citizenship to take language exams.
As LETA was told by Ušakovs, it’s necessary to work to secure more money on the level of the European Parliament to help overcome crises and consequences of war. It’s also necessary to secure separate financial support for regions close to EU’s outer border – Latvia and Latgale, as well as Estonia, Lithuania and Finland.
The party also wants to work on the topic of adopting a minimal European pension in accordance with Europe’s minimal wage example, which requires adopting a general European approach for a minimal allowed pension amount.
Harmony’s priority will include the housing programme – greater support to improve heating and renovate the existing housing stock, as well as construction of new and modern dwellings. The party also supports the creation of a European Health Association, stressing that the EU should become more involved in the health and medicine field instead of leaving everything in the hands of local state institutions.
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