Latvia’s PM warns tight restrictions may remain in place for non-vaccinated people

In the interest of halting the spread of Covid-19, Latvia does not have much of a choice than lifting the tight restrictions only for vaccinated residents once the lockdown is over, said Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš in an interview to Latvijas Radio programme Krustpunktā on Wednesday, 27 October.
The politician said the state cannot afford to maintain such restrictions for a long time for ethical and financial reasons. Previously the Crisis Management Council and the government reached an agreement for the total term for the lockdown – four weeks.
The prime minister also stressed that previous decisions made in relation to schools will remain in effect. This includes returning 1st-3rd graders to schools from 1 November onward.
At the same time, Kariņš said it is clear that the challenges present for hospitals when it comes to Covid-19 treatment will not go away after 15 November. Nevertheless, he said it is still vital to end the third Covid-19 wave.
He also explained that adoption of restrictions is not the responsibility of the government alone – all residents should do what they can to limit contacts with other people. «If we follow the curfew and stay home now, we will be able to return a green regime in the future,» said the PM.
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As previously reported, Latvia has adopted tight Covid-19 restrictions for four weeks. The lockdown will be lifted 15 November.