Latvia’s National Defence Service Law left for 14th Saeima to tackle

Review of the National Defence Service legislative draft is officially left for the next Saeima, whose term is expected to commence 1 November.
The majority of Saeima deputies decided to exclude the legislative draft and accompanying legislative drafts from the agenda following the request of the Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee. It was originally planned to review the legislative draft today.
The committee submitted its request to exclude the legislative draft following what a representative of the Ministry of Defence – that because of the 100 or so proposals received so far, including proposals from Saeima’s Legal Affairs Office, preparation of the legislative draft would take approximately two weeks.
This means the 14th Saeima will have to review this legislative draft, said the head of the committee Juris Rancāns.

The next parliament will need to decide on taking over the review of this legislative draft.

Approximately 100 proposals were received for the second reading of the VAD draft. Many came from Saeima’s Legal Affairs Office, which previously criticized the quality of the legislative draft.
A couple of weeks ago, the head of Saeima’s Legal Affairs Office Dina Meistere criticised the redaction of the legislative draft. Representatives of ministries involved also mentioned several important improvements even though they generally conceptually approve the law. Individual deputies also outlined certain problems with the legislative draft.
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