Latvia’s first bottle deposit return machines set up

As Latvia prepares to introduce a bottle deposit system in 2022, the first five bottle deposit return machines have been erected in five shops in Riga and Ventspils.
This week, the company SIA Tomra Collection Latvia has begun setting up bottle deposit return machines called ‘taromāts’ in Latvian in the central Baltic country starting to fulfil its contract with SIA Depozīta iepakojuma operators. The latter is the company established to operate the deposit system.
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To make the system operational by February 1, 2022, it is planned to set up around 800 taromāti across the country. They will mostly be placed at supermarkets, including the grocery retail chains of Lats, Mego, Elvi, Citro, Rimi and Maxima.
In the machines, customers will be able to place for recycling glass, plastic (PET) and tin packaging of non-alcoholic beverages. The taromāti will also accept all kinds of the packaging of beer and other alcoholic beverages. The bewerages will cost extra 0.10 euros, which will be returned upon depositing the packaging in the machines.