Latvian VID continues looking into Daugavpils mayor’s possible luxurious living

Latvian State Revenue Service (VID) still continues its investigation of Daugavpils Mayor Andrejs Elksniņš’s possible living well beyond his financial means, as VID Director General Ieva Jaunzeme mentioned in an interview to Latvijas Radio programme Krustpunktā on Thursday, the 4th of January.
She mentioned that VID is looking at this case from the perspective of taxes – did the official list all of his income in his income declaration and did he pay taxes in full? Investigating possible acts of corruption is the duty of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB).
Jaunzeme also predicted VID may complete the investigation before the end of her term – February 2024.
Last November KNAB and VID reported opening an investigation of a journalists’ publication that detailed how Elksniņš may be living well beyond what his finances permit.
The State Security Service is aware of this publication. However, the institution’s representatives do not provide any comments about this specific case.
Previously it was reported that Baltic investigative journalism centre Re:Baltica checked the photos posted on Elksniņš’s and his wife’s social network profiles and the clothes and jewellery seen in them. Re:Baltica concluded that the estimated prices of attire and other accessories do not match his official income. According to journalists, Elksniņš’ family have a life a state official’s income would not be enough to afford.
For example, in one photo Daugavils mayor is seen wearing a yellow polo shirt, which is estimated to cost EUR 700, according to journalists. In a photo from June Elksniņš is seen wearing Rhude brand shorts, the price of which is EUR 500. In another photo he is seen wearing a Zegna winter jacket worth EUR 2 500.
Re:Baltica together with Facebook page Pulksteņu Šerloks have identified that the politician was also wearing a Ulysse Nardin wristwatch in one of the photos. The price of this wristwatch differs depending on parts used, but on average it costs more than EUR 30 000.
Elksniņš’ wife Jekaterina likes luxurious brands as well. In multiple photos she is seen wearing Tiffany, Certier and Chopart accessories, journalists report.
Elksniņš refused to comment his purchases to journalists. “I won’t comment anything because everything related to my public image is listed in my state official’s declaration. This is one thing. The other is that VID can provide an insight into my financial state. Both mine and my family members, who are sufficiently well off,” said the head of Daugavpils City Council.
According to his state official’s declaration, Elksniņš has two apartments in Daugavpils. Last year he was paid a wage of a total of EUR 26 592.67 for work done in the city council. He also received EUR 300 from the State Social Insurance Agency. Information in the declaration also states Elksniņš has issued loans worth EUR 50 000. He does not have a car. His cash and non-cash savings do no exceed 20 minimal monthly wage amounts (this amount if EUR 12 400 in 2023).
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