Latvian troops and National Guard called in to assist hospitals

In response to the request issued by the Ministry of Health, troops of Latvia’s National Armed Forces and National Guard will provide assistance to hospitals in Riga to ensure healthcare services continue uninterrupted, as reported by the Ministry of Defence.
Four National Guards will be sent to Riga 1st Hospital and Riga 2nd Hospital to assist with positioning of patients in beds, transporting patients to examinations, distributing food and doing other activities.
Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital will receive support from ten troops. Five troops will work day and night shifts, assisting with transportation, maintenance and connection of oxygen cylinders. Five other troops will provide other forms of assistance.
«Understanding the severity of the situation and the workload of doctors, National Armed Forces will provide assistance to the healthcare sector by providing troops and national guards to ensure uninterrupted provision of services. We urge residents to respect existing restrictions on gatherings so that all of us are able to work together and reduce the spread of Covid-19 and protect people’s health,» says Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks.
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As previously reported, since the start of the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia in spring last year, the defence sector has become actively involved in efforts to restrict and overcome the crisis in the country.
This year Latvian National Armed forces are prepared to continue providing human resources to healthcare institutions so that it is possible to organize a safe Covid-19 vaccination process.