Latvian State Roads warns snowy roads make driving conditions difficult

This morning, 27 December, driving conditions on national and regional roads in Latvia were made difficult due to snow. Roads are being cleared of snow and coated with anti-slip mixtures, as reported by road maintenance company Latvian State Roads (LVC).
To improve driving conditions, 176 LVC winter service vehicles have been deployed.
Driving conditions are complicated on all regional roads except Liepaja’s surrounding area.
According to current information, driving conditions are complicated on the following roads in Latvia:
Ainaži motorway (A1);
Vidzeme motorway (A2);
Valmiera motorway (A3);
Riga bypasses (A4 and A5);
Daugavpils motorways (A6) from Riga to Saulkalne and from Skrīveri to Paternieki;
Bauska motorway (A7);
Jelgava motorway (A8);
Liepāja motorway (A9) from Riga to Skrunda;
Ventspils motorway (A10) from Riga to Strazde;
Rēzekne motorway (A12) from Jekabpils to Stolbovka;
Grebņeva – Medumi motorway (A13);
Daugavpils bypass (A14);
Rēzekne bypass (A15);
Koknese motorway (P80) from Skriveri turn to Koknese.
Drivers are urged to be careful, pick an appropriate driving speed and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. So-called black snow may form on roads. This substance is hard to see. Its presence is only felt when attempting different manoeuvres.
Residents are urged to report ice on roads and other problems with driving conditions to LVC using the hotline (8000 5555).