Latvian state allocates financing for joint Latvian-Ukrainian camps for children

The government in Latvia decided to support the proposal from the Ministry of Education and Science to organise summer camps and provide psycho-emotional aid, promote learning of Latvian language and integration of children of Ukrainian children in the country.
Camps are planned for 1st – 12th graders with a plan for 50% Latvian and 50% Ukrainian students, the ministry explains.
Camps will offer Latvian and Ukrainian youngsters both Latvian language activities and varied other kinds of creative activities to help improve their communication skills. At the same time, this is also the best way to promote socially emotional skills and improve children’s psycho-emotional welfare, which is important for both Ukrainian and Latvian children and youngsters.

The support is intended for 4 326 children with the total funding at EUR 613 180.

National Centre for Education (VISC) together with municipalities will implement planned support activities, reach out to teachers and camp organisers, children and youngsters in need of aid.
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Financing for summer camps will be provided based on the agreements signed between VISC and municipalities.