Latvian Russians Union and Centre Party to «reincarnate» traditions of PCTVL party

Latvian Russians Union (LKS) and the Centre Party have decided to form a new party union to reincarnate the traditions of the former party For Human Rights in United Latvia (PCTVL).

According to LKS, the current situation in Latvia requires all «rationally thinking political organisations and positive experience» to unite,

which is why it was decided to unite with Centre Party and form a new political union – Pamats. Representatives of the party explain that the name Pamats is an acronym for Politiska apvienība mieram, augšupejai, taisnīgumam un solidaritātei [Political union for peace, ascension, justice and solidarity]. The Latvian word «pamats» is translated into English as «basis or foundation» and does not function as an acronym.
The party union is open to other political parties to create shared left-centrist platform with a liberal orientation to help reincarnate traditions of PCTVL.

It is planned to register the new union in the coming months.

LKS leader Miroslavs Mitrofanovs says the will to unite with other similarly-mined political forces appeared as a result of positive experience of unions like New Unity and the Combined List. The previous experience of PCTVL was also positive in this regard.

The Centre Party was picked as a partner based on previous positive experience in cooperation. This allowed the two organisations become like-minded.

Mitrofanovs said the new organisation will not be focused on Russian-speakers exclusively – the focus will be all left and liberal-minded Latvian residents. This political direction also means promotion of compliance with all forms of human rights, promised the politician.
«The programme will be focused not only on Russian-speakers. It will be wider – with left-leaning, centrist and slightly liberal values. After elections we noticed the liberal forces in Latvia are very weakened. Aside from Progressive Party, which positions itself as a left-wing party, other parties represented in the Saeima are right-wing, which is not good,» said Mitrofanovs.
For now the union does not know whether they want to run in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Discussions of this topic are planned for a later date.
LKS was founded in 2014 as a result of separation from PCTVL. The latter was created in 1998 before the 7th Saeima elections as a result of multiple Russian-focused parties uniting under its banner.
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