Latvian power distributor to install solar panels on 700 transformer sub-stations

Latvian power distribution system operator Sadales tīkls JSC has plans to install solar panels on up to 700 transformer sub-stations of various businesses by May 2026. The project’s costs are estimated at EIR 10.3 million, as reported by representatives of Sadales tīkls.
The company explains this decision was made in order to produce sufficient electricity to ensure operations of transformer sub-stations and reduce overall operational costs of electricity.

The plan is part of Sadales tīkls’ own power distribution system’s modernisation and will be partially finances from the EU Recovery Fund.

A pilot project is underway in Dobele. Two transformer sub-stations have been fitted with solar panels there. The company plans to start gradually installing solar panels on transformer sub-stations across all of Latvia soon. The focus is two-storey transformer buildings with appropriate roof structure.
Sadales tīkls board chairman Sandis Jansons notes this is an important project that will help raise the company’s long-term energy efficiency and reduce overall power procurement costs.
He explains that Sadales tīkls maintains the power network in Latvia. The total length of this network reaches nearly 93 000 km. To ensure power supply services, it is necessary to use enormous volumes of power. Most of this volume goes towards technological consumption, otherwise known as losses generated as a result of the power distribution process.
«Already we can be proud of having the smallest volume of technological loss in the Baltic region. Installing solar panels on transformer substations will help reduce it even more.

Our estimates indicate it will be possible to generate up to additional 2 GWh of energy a year,» said Jansons.

The total volume of funding Sadales tīkls has received from the Recovery Fund is EUR 41.9 million. By investing this money, it is planned to implement multiple activities in order to enhance the power network, improve the quality of power supply service and make the company’s operations more efficient. This will also help improve competitiveness of Latvia’s economy and assist with generation and consumption of more climate-friendly energy. Other activities planned as part of the project is the reconstruction and modernisation of the medium-voltage power lines, replacement of outdated transformers and development of recharge points for electric vehicles, the company reports.
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