Latvian police re-capture escaped fugitive near Bruņinieku Street

Mārtiņš Cesmanis, who was detained by the police and who escaped from a police car on the 27th of July, was successfully re-captured by authorities in Riga near Bruņinieku Street this Friday, the 28th of July, as confirmed by Latvian State Police.
The man was taken to a detention centre for processing. After that he was put under arrest and put in a prison cell.

The 1981-born Cesmanis escaped from a State Police car in Sarkandaugava on the 27th of July.

He was barefoot and still in handcuffs. He did get shoes during his escape, and it is believed he could have found a way to escape his handcuffs had he not been found by the police in time.
Cesmanis is involved in criminal proceedings for robbery was put under arrest on Thursday.
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