Latvian police intercept and confiscate 290 kg of narcotics

Latvian State Police have intercepted and confiscated 290 kg of various narcotics, as confirmed by the police.
As part of a previously commenced criminal procedure State Police and State Revenue Service detained one person and confiscated a large volume of narcotic and psychotropic substances.
The detained person has been put under arrest.
State Police Main Criminal Police Department Organized Crime Prevention Office 2nd Division together with State Revenue Service Tax and Customs Police officers performed preventive measures at the territory of some business in Riga on 22 October. A DAF vehicle owned by a Latvian company was detained. It was in the back of this vehicle authorities discovered the narcotic and psychotropic substances together with legal goods.
A search revealed and laboratory tests confirmed the illegal cargo consisted of 185 of MDMA tablets and 105 kg of hashish.
A 1961-born man was detained in accordance with Section 264 of the Criminal Procedure Law. The man has no prior criminal record.
On 23 October the court issued an arrest warrant for the man. Investigation continues.
Criminal procedures in accordance with Part 3 of Section 253.1 of the Criminal Law – unauthorised manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation or forwarding of narcotic or psychotropic substances in large volumes and in an organised group. This crime is punishable with a prison sentence of five to fifteen years, with or without confiscation of property, and probation for up to three years.
State Police remind that no person is considered guilty until his or her guilt has been proven in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the law.