Latvian police come across 168 kg of suspicious white powder substance in banana crates

A day before Christmas Latvian State Police received a call from a security service of an undisclosed retail network. Security reported having found packages containing a white powder hidden in boxes with bananas.
Police arrived at the scene and discovered 168 packages containing a white powder substance, possibly cocaine. The total weight of said substance found was approximately 168 kg.

Police found bananas were bought in South Africa. Companies who received this particular shipment are actively cooperating with law enforcement authorities. Currently there are no detained persons. The investigation continues.
Latvian State Police received information about the suspicious content of boxes containing bananas on 23 December. A criminal procedure was commenced. State Police Organised Crime Enforcement Unit together with regional police forces have confiscated a total of 168 packages containing the suspicious white powder substance.
The substance is scheduled for laboratory tests in order to determine what it is. Inspections have been carried out at all stores of the retail network in Latvia that reported the packages. This was done to prevent the possibility of boxes containing the suspicious substance being distributed elsewhere. A total of five searches and other investigative activities were performed during the investigation, police explain.
Because the investigation has only just started, police refrain from providing more information.