Latvian PM stresses lack of coordination between administrative institutions in violence prevention

Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš stresses that there is a lack of coordination between various administrative institutions in violence prevention.
On Friday, the 26th of May, the PM organised a meeting of the Crime Prevention Council (NNP) to discuss public concerns about recent violent crimes.
During this meeting reports were submitted by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the Prosecutor General’s Office. These institutions also submitted proposals on ways to prevent crimes involving violence.

Kariņš told journalists that the biggest concerns are about the two mutually unrelated violent crimes in Jekabpils and Imanta.

Violence is a problem that needs solving, said the PM, saying he is sad whenever some tragic event forces the state apparatus to start thinking about ways to resolve problems.
The prime minister said Latvia does not have a unified system, adding that it is necessary to manage the violence problem in general.

Representatives admitted the lack of coordination when it comes to violence prevention, said Kariņš.

The PM said it is primarily important to think about ways to prevent violence and provide aid to victims to avoid a tragedy. It is also necessary to have accurate information and an institution for victims to turn to and save themselves from violent people and live in safety. The PM said it is possible to improve this system.
The head of the government said work will start on ways to change legislation and procedures to reduce causes and repetition of tragic events.
Latvian State Police have commenced a criminal process over the video published by Imanta teenagers, in which they invite others to gather and “respond” to the beating of a teenager earlier this month.

Most of the teenagers involved have been interviewed. These children range between 13 to 15 years.

As for Jekabpls – in April a 1983-born woman was stabbed to death by her ex-husband right in front of her mother and daughter. The one who committed the crime is one Leons Rusiņš. According to available information, this man had terrorised the woman for months before killing her. This was reported to the police on numerous occasions, but no protection was provided in the end. It is worth mentioning that the man in involved in 19 criminal procedures. 18 of them are about non-compliance with restraining orders.
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