Latvian PM says coalition partners close to agreeing on rule of law and good management principles

It would that we [New Unity] are close to reaching an understanding with potential coalition partners – Combined List (AS) and National Alliance (NA) – on topics of rule of law and good management, reduction of corruption risks in state companies. However, if we fail to reach an understanding in regards to the creation of the Ministry of Energy and Environment, there will be no government, said PM Krišjānis Kariņš after a meeting with the two parties on Wednesday, 26 October.
The PM hopes political parties will be able to agree on the text.
According to him, AS and NA understand it is necessary to follow verdicts of the Constitutional Court. He believes it is also important to ensure it is possible to agree on the section of the cooperation memorandum on this topic.

«It is not a matter for discussion, it is a fundamental issue for the country’s democratic administration,»

said the PM, adding that if potential partners cannot agree on something, there is no hope to form the government. The other topic is related to good management. This is why JV plans to offer new redaction of this part of the memorandum in order to distance politicians from capital companies.
Kariņš also said that if coalition partners fail to reach an agreement on creation of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the government will fail.

At the same time, the PM said he remains optimistic about reaching an agreement.

Previously AS politician Edvards Smiltēns told journalists that his party will wait for a more detailed explanation as to the duties and objectives of the new ministry. His party’s representatives asked JV at a recent meeting to provide more details as to how this ministry would function and which ministry departments it is planned to be composed of.
«We have to be certain it will actually function, that this ministry’s creation is productive and accomplishes results,» said the politician.
When asked about NA’s objections to JV’s proposed principle of proportionality in the government, the PM said this government will be formed solely on the principle of proportionality. Cooperation partners will receive exactly what they wished for – «a strong prime minister that insists in his beliefs and demands responsibility from ministries,» said Kariņš.

On Wednesday JV representatives plan to send partners corrected text of the memorandum.

Once an agreement is reached on the memorandum, all that will be left is coordinating minor details and signing the government declaration, said Kariņš, adding that this is a relatively simple task.