Latvian PM admits tension between healthcare sector and the minister; dismissal a no go for now

The tension between the healthcare sector and Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts is critical, said Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš after a meeting with Latvia’s Medical Association (LAB).
As reported by the PM’s press-secretary Sandris Sabajevs, during the meeting LAB described the situation in the sector, their demands regarding dismissal of the minister and cooperation opportunities with the government to overcome the Covid-19 crisis in healthcare.
The PM stressed that he understands why doctors are dissatisfied with the lack of dialogue and organization of work to overcome the crisis in healthcare caused by Covid-19.
Kariņš admits the tension between the sector and minister of health is critical. In a time when acute situations should be resolved in order to provide healthcare services to residents, the minister needs to be able to cooperate with the industry.
The head of the government said that, considering the severity of the situation, it is planned to discuss the situation and possible solutions with the minister of health and coalition partners.
As previously reported, LAB has requested dismissal of Latvia’s minister of health. The organization accuses him and the ministry of numerous mistakes in crisis management and the planned mobilization of medical workers.
LAB invites the head of the government to review crisis management and let healthcare professionals and experts get involved in decision-making.
LAB also told the PM that the medical community is shocked with the unprofessional approach Pavļuts and the ministry have used to resolve the Covid-19 crisis. This is why the association stresses that a situation when the entire responsibility for the government’s and ministry’s mistakes is put on the shoulders of medical workers is unacceptable.