Latvian party association Attīstībai/Par! changes name to PLI

The association of political parties Attīstībai/Par! (AP) has changed their name to PLI, according to the announcement published in the Latvian Herald.
PLI co-chairman of Kustība Par! (Par) political party, CEO Miks Celmiņš explained that the new name – PLI – embodies the first letters of the three parties part of it – Par, Latvijas attīstībai (LA) and Izaugsme.

The name change breathes life into the decision made in December 2022, that each of the parties part of the association from now on will work “independently”, said Celmiņš.

Par political parties will start discussions about possible participation in next year’s European Parliament elections. According to the current progress, it does not look realistic for a party to run in the EP elections as a member of a party association, said Celmiņš.

He explained that the party association itself tackles various administrative affairs and “members discuss liberal ideas during meetings”. No joint political activities are coordinated.

The board of PLI does include two co-chairman – Celmiņš and LA board member Artūrs Toms Plešs. The board also includes board member Juris Žilko, who is the chairman of Ķekava County Council and Izaugsme political party.
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