Latvian National Health Service annuls a number of Covid-19 certificates

After receiving information from State Police, Latvia’s National Health Service (NVD) has annulled 26 Covid-19 vaccination certificates, according to the latest information from NVD.
This means these certificates are no longer usable.
NVD director Āris Kasparāns reminded journalists on Monday, 1 November, that a proposal has been developed to put certificates on hold if there are suspicions about the validity of those certificates.
NVD Information Technologies Coordinator Edgars Goba told journalists that it is not difficult to do, because the certificates of persons who are tested positive for Covid-19 are put on hold for ten days. ‘This makes sure the person is not allowed to walk around with a Covid-19 certificate while sick,’ said Goba.
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As previously reported, Latvian State Police has about 20 criminal proceedings in the works revolving around fictive Covid-19 vaccination. One criminal proceeding is handled by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB).
Both institutions have suspicions about several hundred people that may have been issued Covid-19 vaccination certificated without them being vaccinated.
According to information from LETA, at least 11 medical institution workers are involved in criminal processes regarding the issue of fake Covid-19 certificates.
One medical worker has been penalized so far.