Latvian Ministry of Transport appoints a new chairman of Latvian State Roads

Latvian Ministry of Transport has appointed Mārtiņš Lazdovskis as the new board chairman of Latvian State Roads (LVC), as confirmed by the ministry.
Lazdovskis was previously appointed as interim chairman in May.
Changes at the time were imposed following Jānis Lange’s appointment as the CEO of Riga municipality.
According to information from the ministry, there were 14 candidates for the post of chairman of LVC.
After evaluating candidates, the committee decided to pick Lazdovskis.
Lazdovskis has more than ten years of experience working in management posts. He has worked as board member of LVC since 2015. Lazdovskis holds a Master’s degree in economics and management.
The selection process was organized in three stages and was used to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and experience managing a company, internal audit, risk and personnel management, management of national road network and corporate management of a joint stock company. Candidates were also tested for foreign language skills.
To ensure candidate selection process was organized in a professional way, the ministry hired SIA Fontes Executive Search.
According to LETA archive, Lazdovskis has worked in state administration for a long time. His previous postings include deputy director of the Rural Support Service, director general of the State Land Service, state secretary to the Justice Ministry, and state secretary to the Ministry of Economy. Lazdovskis has been a board member of LVC since 2015.
LVC was founded in 2004 and is owned by the state. The company is in charge of management of Latvia’s road network, administration of financing allocated for road maintenance, and organize procurements for state needs. LVC manages more than 20 000 km of national roads.