Latvian Ministry of Health suggests international aid may be needed to treat Covid-19 patients

The Ministry of Health in Latvia predicts that a week from now the country will need to request international aid to treat Covid-19 patients, said the ministry’s state secretary Indra Dreike at a government meeting Tuesday, 19 October.
She said of the 8 810 total number of beds 1 286 are taken by Covid-19 patients. Dreika explained that the number of hospitalized patients doubles approximately every 15 days. This is why the critical 1 500 beds threshold will be reached 23 October. Best case scenario is that these beds will be filled by 27 October.
The ministry predicts that a week from now, except for specific services, it will be necessary to cease scheduled healthcare services at private healthcare institutions. From next Tuesday Covid-19 patient care will be provided at all healthcare institutions that were previously not part of the process. P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital and Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital have repurposed wards for Covid-19 patients.
It is also expected that from Tuesday onward it will be necessary to process patients separately on all levels and provide only emergency first aid. Post-graduate trainees will be attracted to assist with Covid-19 patient treatment. International aid will be requested as well, said Dreika.
She predicts 2 200 beds for Covid-19 patients will be needed on 1 November. Dreika also says only emergency first aid will be available at hospitals and other medical institutions.
Patients will be organized by outpatient healthcare institutions. From 1 November onward Covid-19 patients will be treated at Children’s Clinical University Hospital station on Juglas Street 2020, PSKUS atrium and private healthcare institutions. From 1 November onward it is planned to review and establish minimal requirements for healthcare providers, prepare a request for mobilization and receive equipment from international organizations.
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From 10 November onward it is planned to secure another 3 000 beds thanks to modular buildings next to hospitals, reopened sanatoriums and unused hospital structures. Dreika said the creation of a field hospital with help from the National Armed Forces will be the final solution. From 10 November onward it is also planned to initiate mobilization of human resources and equipment to provide medical aid to Covid-19 patients and patients suffering from chronic and other illnesses.
International organizations may provide human resources and tents. Dreika allowed that there may be increased mortality among Covid-19 patients and other patients.
The state secretary to the Ministry of Health also mentioned the issue of oxygen reserves for Covid-19 patients.
The ministry will coordinate oxygen supplies with Linde Gas and Elmemesser.
Dreika explained that to attract additional human resources requests have been sent to Register of Medical Practitioners and Medical Treatment Support Persons for voluntary assistance with treatment of Covid-19 patients in cooperation with the Health Inspectorate, State Employment Agency and other associations. The ministry plans to amend regulations to allow involvement of medical students, post-graduate trainees and other specialized medical personnel in efforts to treat Covid-19 patients.
As previously reported, the number of newly discovered Covid-19 infection cases in Latvia increased 48.8% last week.
According to the Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre, Latvia is in 1st place in the world when it comes to Covid-19 infection rates.