Latvian ministry decides in favour of founding Academy of Internal Security

Latvian Ministry of the Interior has decided in favour of creating an Academy of Internal Security under consortium of State Police College, Pauls Stradins University and University of Latvia.
On Thursday, 30 September, the Crime Prevention Council held a meeting. There Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva presented the new concept for the Academy of Internal Security. Participants of this meeting welcomed the minister’s plans for the creation of a new education programme for the needs of the interior affairs sector, as reported by the ministry.
«The time has come to change education in our interior affairs sector. Only through cooperation with IeM, State Police College, RSU and LU can we implement quality education. The consortium agreement may be signed in spring 2022. The new academy may start admitting the first patients in 2023,» said Golubeva.
Vocational education and improvement system is currently fractured in the interior affairs sector. There is also a shortage of education programme offer for senior officers and officers representing specific sectors, such as cyber-security and financial crimes. The Ministry of the Interior believes this reform will help resolve the shortage of scientific research of security affairs, as well as problematic aspects important to the interior affairs sector.
The point of forming the aforementioned consortium is to provide people with appropriate and quality formal and life-long education offer and create appropriate infrastructure.
According to the ministry, by creating this consortium it will be possible to reduce the fractured state of higher education and consolidate human resources and infrastructure in accordance to the government’s approved reformation plan.
It is planned to develop master studies in areas like Police Law, forensic science and theories of operational activities in sub-branches of science.
The minister also presented participants of the meeting with plans for investments into infrastructure of the new academy to provide students with appropriate training in their respective fields.
Participants of the meeting approved the concept for the new academy.
On 2009 the government decided to liquidate Latvian Police Academy. One of the reasons for this decision was the shortage of finances.