Latvian minister says opening road maintenance market would help reduce costs

Opening the national road everyday maintenance market for competition would help reduce costs by up to 19% annually, says Latvia’s Minister of Transport Tālis Linkaits.
The minister’s advisor Baiba Ābelniece says Linkaits is satisfied with the economical offers for everyday national road maintenance received from public procurement participants.
«Thanks to the open market the state is able to receive a better price for everyday road maintenance services,» says the minister.
The offers the ministry has received prove it is possible to reduce the costs of road maintenance by up to 19% annually.
Linkaits stresses that the state as a client is interested in receiving quality services for affordable prices, and this can be accomplished by promoting competition.
The money saved on this will be spent on additional road maintenance work or repairs, says the minister.
From 2022 onward Latvia’s the everyday maintenance market for national roads will become opened for free competition, as provided by the government’s passed initiative from the Ministry of Transport. Road maintenance service providers will be selected using an open tender practice. A similar practice is employed by other countries to maintain local roads.